Engine Monitoring

This is a very modern look of new age digital dashboard wich all instruments,warnings and important displays are shown on this screen.Since modern boats created the Engine Control panel was the most vital part of bridge. Now this screen is more effective then ever, automation system allows us to collect the most important data on screen and gives much more elegant look on bridge.

  • In the half circul shows engine RPM,engine heat,gear box position as (Forward,Neutral ,Reverse) the middle right and left arrows shows bow truster position when its functional
  • The four warnig lights on both side of half circul is the most important warnigs for port and starport engines(oil,battery charge,exhaust.over heat)
  • Rudder display shows ruder grade position and allows you to make sensitive adjustment or manoeuvring from the screen, this means not to struggle with steering wheel at cruising
  • On mid display shows the speed of the vessel with usual indicator and digitaly
  • Left bottom of screen is the control part of bow truster
  • The instrument light buttons is there for to open old manual instrument display lights

Bilge alarm & responsive acts

As you are aware, the closest section to the water is called bilge. In case this section of the yacht is flooded, sensors respond and inform the water level change on the relevant section in two ways. The software then is aware of which bilge pump is required to be turned on or off according to the commands sent via sensors. Bilge pump is either turned on or off in accordance with received command. Although pumps can be manually operated, it is also to your safety that the system is also able to turn on or off the pumps whenever the necessity arises.

  • You can use buttons to switch ON or OFF the desired BILGE PUMPS
  • You can select the AUTOMATIC function if you prefer the software to control the bilge water alarm system
  • You can push to MANUAL button to activate the pumps manually
  • You can use ALL CLOSED button to deactivate all the pumps at a time
  • You can use ALL AUTOMATIC button to allow the software to control the entire bilge alarm system
  • You can use ALL MANUAL button to control all the pumps manually

Generator Monitoring

As we all know it is important to have continuously AC power on vessels ,this means to have immediate controll and data on automation monitor.

  • This monitoring allows you to start or stop the main or spare generators.This screen shows how much voltage,frequency and ampere each generators are producing
  • The program allows you to synchronise two genset at same time
  • System allows you to monitor shore power currency voltage,hertz and ampere

Ventilation Arrangement of Engine Room

Engine room's ventilation requires a particular arrangement. The simplest ventilation arrangement for an engine room is a system that activates itself once the temperature level changes and the current temperature needs a response to maintain desired temperature interval. This arrangement will hold the engine room's temperature between minimum and maximum values. This system also provides the crew to operate the ventilation system manually once the desired temperature values aren't achieved via software itself.

  • Monitor the temperature in the engine room via indicator on this panel
  • Relevant lights will warn you once a low or high temperature is sensed
  • Select AUTOMATIC function to enable the software to monitor the temperature in the engine room or alternatively select MANUAL function to monitor the temperature yourself
  • You can use OPEN and CLOSE buttons to run the ventilation system in case you wish to control the system yourself
  • This screen shows Engine,outside and sea water tempature to have more controll on manual arrengements on vent sysstem
  • There is an ventilation synchronous option for long cruises and for better result on Engine room ventilation system

Fire alarm and Response

is the most important and dangerous enemy of the yachts and this system is developed to fight with it correctly. Fire alarm panel is designed to pop up automatically even if there is a different panel at the time of the thread and warn you with visual and sound based alerts against the fire hazards within the areas where fire sensors are fitted. Fast response enables you to activate all fire fighting units on time and put it off quickly. It is also possible to include secondary safety system into the arrangement in case of request. If awareness is not enough as an effective warning against fire hazards; functions like water or foam based sprinkler systems, CO2 or HALON based deoxygenating systems' activation, ventilation or air-conditioning systems' deactivation due to the necessity of decreasing the oxygen amount in the fire-caught area, electrical systems' deactivation or activation according to night and day differences can be added to the entire electronic fire fighting arrangement aboard.

  • Monitor the temperature in the engine room via indicator on this panel
  • In case of a fire, the lights above will indicate the areas those caught fire, screen at the bottom will show the specific spot that is under fire on your boat's plan
  • RESET button will re-organize the fire alarm system in case of a fake/wrong fire thread warning
  • You can select either of the buttons to (or not) receive sound alarms
  • Test option makes you sure that system is functional and set

Navigation Lights

You will find the settings for direction finder lights for your yacht. These settings consist of your variously combined lights' on and off positions. All of your lights' (like mast light, stern, navigation, breakdown, portside, starboard side) control may be supervised through this screen. Furthermore, a blinking text relevant to the particular instrument, will be warning you in case a light is out of order. This screen will enable you to find out such malfunctions without being had to leave the cabin during day and night. There are also buttons to turn on and off the projector lights. In addition to this, additional joystick-alike buttons will enable you to adjust the direction of your projector. Having all these functions on a single screen ensures easy operation and approaching all commands at a time.

  • Monitor the temperature in the engine room via indicator on this panel
  • You can use ON and OFF buttons those placed next to the light indicators whenever you want to turn on or off your lights
  • You can use ON and OFF buttons to turn on or off your projector, You can use direction buttons to change your projector's lightening angle
  • A warning will be displayed via a separate indicator on the screen in case a light is out of order

Monitoring Portholes

The software will warn you via open/close sensors for any porthole in case any of them is in open position during navigation. You will have protected inside of your yacht from all kind of defection that might be caused during navigation in rough seas. You can monitor all portholes on either side of your yacht via lights on the panel. A light that is on means that the relevant porthole is open.This becomes a safety controll issue for all Lloyds rules.

Monitoring Tank Levels

This system enables you to monitor all the tank's levels in your yacht simultaneously and also allows you to remotely turn pumps/engines on attached to your tanks. Relevant engines or lids are supposed to be operated when the attached tank's levels are close to the limits. A system that takes such values into consideration can follow up the levels of each tank according to originally input values and operates the attached mechanisms to the tanks on behalf of you in order to ensure your personal safety along with your yacht's smoothly progressing regular operations continuity. Emergency response ability is embedded to the system in order to forewarn you due to the probable hazards. The software can be adjusted in two ways to either just send a warning or send a warning and response immediately.

  • You can turn on the WATER MAKER to increase the level if the fresh water's level is lower than the preloaded lowest tank level value
  • You can turn on the GRAY WATER TANK PUMP to decrease the level if the level is above the preloaded highest tank level value
  • You can turn on the DIRTY WATER TANK PUMP to decrease the level if the level is above the preloaded highest tank level value
  • You can select the pumps you prefer the system to control by switching the buttons to AUTOMATIC position
  • You can select MANUAL position if you prefer to control the pumps manually

Camera monitoring

It is definitely a security and safety reasons to have cameras on yachts.This system is used eigter on yachts security monitoring during on harbours for strangers enteries and crew behaviours on yachts. During manoeuvring on narrow areas this monitoring is vital for captains decisions and increases yachts safety on both ways.

  • Monitor can divide the screen for each camera in one time
  • The screen can only show selected cameras on screen
  • It gives you chance to rotate,zoom in or zoom out the each camera on screen
  • Recording images will give vide time option for safety controls